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A Small Boat For A Big Holiday!


Adriana Charter is a Croatian charter business which at the moment offers one sailing boat, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 29.2, with a lifting keel and equipment which allows great autonomy while sailing, which in turn offers greater pleasure to lovers of pristine nature and remote, secluded coves...


Weekly prices for the charter of Sun Odyssey 29.2 in 2015 are:


01.01. – 02.04.2016.; 29.10. – 31.12.2016. 600 €
02.04. – 28.05.2016.; 01.10. – 29.10.2016. 750 €
28.05. – 25.06.2016.; 03.09. – 01.10.2016. 900 €
25.06. – 16.07.2016.; 13.08. – 03.09.2016 1080 €
16.07. – 13.08.2016. 1200 €



Although we first began as a vegetarian charter boat, soon we found a way of catering for those who like to eat fish and sea food, so we currently offer two sets of kitchen ware, one for vegetarians and the other for those who have not yet turned vegetarian.


Although small in size, our boat can accommodate 6 passengers and crew, which makes it ideal for family cruises or small, close-knit teams.


The greatest advantage of Mirabai, our Sun Odyssey 29.2 sailing boat, is its lifting keel (lifted manually using a sheave system), thanks to which the draught can be as shallow as 75 cm.

Captains, skippers and all those in charge of steering a boat will know how useful that can be in terms of reaching coves, straits, anchorages and ports.

Mirabai has a twin rudder and a lifting keel, so in waters with great tidal oscillations it can remain on dry land without flipping over.

The twin rudder enable easy and good steering of the boat when it leans over.


Mirabai was the star of many cruises featured in More magazine and broadcast on TV.

To name just a few: IN THE SEA OF JOY (More, August, 2005), SATSANG FOR BEGINNERS (More, July, 2006), ON THE DIOMEDA ROUTE USING YOUR HANDS (More, October, 2006), DAYS OF GRAND LIVING (More, June, 2007), TO FALL ALSO MEANS TO FLY (More, October, 2007).

As part of the TO FALL ALSO MEANS TO FLY cruise, also called DEEP WATER SOLOING, we filmed a TV feature about free climbing on steep cliffs overhanging deep waters. Our title, TO FALL ALSO MEANS TO FLY, is a loose translation equivalent referring to that new variety of free climbing. Since the Croatian shoreline, islands in particular, abounds with such geomorphologic structures, we wanted to present Croatia as an excellent destination for those who enjoy a blend of climbing and exploring the joys of the sea.


In the feature SATSANG FOR BEGINNERS you can find information on how to reach an increasing number of sport climbing sites on Croatian islands and along the coast with a sailing boat. Apart from that, you can also read about how to charge your batteries by practicing yoga, together with sunbathing on the deck and lying around on the beaches of secluded coves.

If you're looking for other ideas on how to actively spend your holiday, feel free to contact us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Hari Žnidarić


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